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As Atlantis we have our roots in software technology, security and international logistics. We have been a start-up and a scale-up. We had our failures and lessons. Atlantis is a secure and secret location, but everyone knows it. That is what Atlantis is all about. Secure and usable technology to become a well-known frontrunner. With Atlantis we help you to build better business.


A blend of golden oldies and keen youngsters, business experiences and innovative creativity. A team with diversity of culture, insights and ideas. A team who is having fun by creating and delivering solutions which makes the difference for our clients. Experience within the logistic industry for decades, banking, innovation practices, retail and professional services. We all were once start-up and scale-up and some even a few times. The failures are important lessons to grow, that is why we love “”. No one learned to bike without falling.

Atlantis is both a mystic underwater world as also the name of a Space Shuttle which did the last mission of the shuttle program. Mystic is the challenge to develop strategies and dream about potential solutions, the shuttle is a piece of a hightech logistic instrument in which technology is essential to deliver goods in orbit and return safely. That is what Atlantis is about in what we do.

Online and mobile solutions as well as advanced JAVA based backend software.

We work as blend of companies and people to offer a wide range of services, but alway with a personal tough with a coffee or beer.

we do

Basically we do what you expect: think, create, build and support you in doing your business.

We think about strategy, develop the best route to achieve common goals. We love to share our failures and lessons in run-in the business.

Your mission and vision we challenge and together we dream about options to achieve what you would like to achieve.

But dreams are dreams, and we have never been (yet) to te moon. We need to respect some limitations. We will translate dreams into creative solutions: branding, suitable marketing strategy, the message (copywriting) and define the best visibly. 

We convert creativity in building website, mobile apps and even solid JAVA backend systems. Fast, attractive and easy to use and maintain and based on proven technologies and (security) standards. More important, we build solutions which are a strong fundament for online marketing, reliable and secure.

Marketing by SEO, campaigns (online and offline) and statistics is what we do, to support you, to benefit of what is build and available. That is the moment of truth and your business need to grow to the next level. We’re heading together to the moon!

Check our online work at WP in a Day !

Check our security work at !


About strategy


Into solutions


We convert


To benefit


Success can be explained in many way. Success can be for example financial success, happiness, health or visibility. It depends on a personal level and business goals. We believe that it will be a blend of those and we work for you on success of defined expectations and we are happy to exceed those. That is our success factor.

Working with Atlantis means that we work together with you on realistic success. For us it is always important to understand the success factor of our clients.

In our work it means successful online sales, presence, but also ensure on-time delivery of internationals parcels. Bought online somewhere, delivered via complex logistic processes on-time.

That is why we are Atlantis and not Cessna, we focus on the business we know: Logistics, retail and professional services. We focus to share experiences and knowledge in a professional way with a reduced amount of destinations…

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Like you we want to grow, improve and be attractive to our clients. Meanwhile we became a blend of marketeers, techies and creative minds, but also data driven freaks and a lot of experience within logistics, retail and professional services. We practice what we preach, for you and in our own business which includes an international logistics operation.

We support our clients with their online strategy as agency but more as a partner. We are off course Agile driven, even six sigma, but we see it as tooling not as a goal.



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